We advertise talents, not Jobs, or job boards. We advertise candidates, not job specs. We promote candidates and match them to jobs in demand.


Skill pooling and role backfilling, provision of attrition recovery platform and resource optimisation.


Provisioning sustainable solutions for business requirements.

Supporting social services, technology, and business transformation through strategic partnerships.


Years of Experience

Combined experience and proven track record of successful projects

Projects Completed

We help companies tackle their most ambitious projects and build new capabilities.

Platforms & Clients

Family, Social, Corporate, Technology, Hospitality, NGO, Pharma, Communication, Security, Finance, Energy, Oil and Gas, and Retail.

Not sure where to start? We’ll work with you to design and implement the right solution

We specialise in providing a bespoke recruitment solution that mitigates risks created by attrition and scarcity of resources. Our resourcing methodology eliminates the risk of overrunning deadlines and inflated costs during service transition and transformation programs.

We run a cutting-edge talent acquisition model capable of providing human resources at a critical time better and faster than the “run-of-the-mill” recruiters by applying our knowledge and understanding of Industrial resourcing trends and associated challenges.  First, we present our strategy to all stakeholders from the moment the client engages and shares requested input with us, then we commence our proactive talent acquisition process in preparation for rapid placement as needed (e.g. for outsourcing, in-sourcing, near-shoring, off-shoring, business acquisition and takeover projects).

We have extensive expertise in conducting people transfer under TUPE/ARD conditions and working in collaboration with workers’ unions in many EMEA, APAC and LATAM countries. We are not the typical headhunter firm, we are Information Technology Service Management and Social support consultants with aeons of experience providing full-cycle services through design, planning, transition, operation, transformation and continuity to successful blue chip companies. Whether you already have an implementation plan or are just getting started, our experts will guide you to your business goals.
Our mission is to protect our client’s business from service impact compelled by employee attrition during business transfers and enhance a seamless business change process. Revolutionizing the talent acquisition industry with our proactive business model will be the icing on the cake of our success in the ICT and Social support recruitment market.

Redefine what’s possible, give shape to the future — and get there

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their business needs are met. With successful roll-out of the project, we analyze frequent problems and suggest