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Finding the right resource in critical times and during change projects or steady-state operations is a nerve-wracking and challenging task every successful program manager will like to avoid.  Given the nature of resource management, project leads regularly experience critical paths due to difficulty in finding the right candidate (s) within a limited timeframe. The problem quickly becomes a risk to meeting deadlines, and keeping the project within budget and can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Triggers attributed to this critical risk are as follows:

  • Time constraints due to limited timeline.
  • Talent shortage
  • Suitability based on the understanding of the national culture, business culture and industry culture.
  • Understanding the role and responsibilities, and finding suitable candidates.
  • Lack of competitive remuneration offering.
  • Inadequate language proficiency
  • Personnel attrition due to fear or refusal of change
As the name depicts, Backfill Pool was created to help project leads and employers resolve or mitigate risk factors. We provide Support workers, resolver teams, level 1 to level 4 service desk agents, Field service agents, datacenter SME.s, Database managers, programmers, project analysts and managers, PMOs,  business analysts, ERP and CRM applications administrators, Testers and Test managers. Launched in 2015, we have gathered a proven record of successfully supporting businesses of all sizes in many industries. We sit at the center of innovation enhancing productivity and efficiency for families, entrepreneurs, corporations, authorities, and investors.
Our core values are an active part of everything we do.
We embrace a diversity of people and views. This makes us better and means better outcomes for our clients. We care deeply about helping you tackle your challenges and turn your vision into reality.